Green Velvet x Crookers

First good thing out of Crookers in ages, really catchy synth line and vocal hook. Nice video also. More of this please. Thanks.


The 2nd Sidetracked Exhibition

This Friday marks Sidetrackeds 2nd Exhibition.

‘This is our first exhibition since our move to Fridays and colabrating with TRAINWRECK. So all of us at Sidetracked are really looking forward to this one.’

Art/Photography & Illustration on the night will come from:

Leigh Twerp
James McLoughlin
Paul Mc Grane
Janet Takuz
& Sinead Bailey Kelly(Crafty Beggars)

‘Sidetracked will be of course holding down the party from 6 til 3am
starting with relaxing ambience and indie
progressing into Disco and House in the later parts of the night.’

Karl-Evans Ayer (Fr)
Jamie Clarke (up)
Frank Bingo (Mr.Jones/Float)
Jevan Neilan, Haido & Daire Carolan (Sidetracked djs)
Marcus (Ignored Playaz)
Colin Perkins
Shane Gormley (Sidetracked/Ampersand)
Kevin Aiken (Ampersand)
Cian Murphy (Ampersand)
Colin Devine (Mr.Jones/US VS. THEM)
Jeffrey Courtney Flynn (The Workmans Club/Sidetracked)

Free between 6 and 11, €10 after 11.

Can’t wait for this one.


”One Won’t Do & Two Is Not Enough For Me No”

It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy


Ok maybe the cartoon is better than the remix itself, but definitely worth the watch. Can’t wait for Major Lazer to land at Adult Swim.

‘I Want You To Funk Me…’

Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way (Carte Blanche Remix)

Catch Carte Blanche at Transmission on the 12th of December.

Carhartt Slow Motions

Its obvious that the filming of skateboarding and all extreme sports videos for that matter has progressed hugely recently. These are no exception. Whilst the second video is just incredible skating in slow motion the idea behind the first video is genius.